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description completed? 3 key takeaways from this # What I'm reading / listening ## Podcasts In line with my new years goal of listening to more podcasts, here are the podcasts I've listened to this month. ### Listen Money Matters I've been a big fan of Thomas Frank's YouTube channel for a while now. This podcast is all about personal finance. The investing episode is really good as a starter to investing, although this podcast is mainly American advice it's good advice nevertheless. ### The Tim Ferris Show Listen to this every day on my run 😁 ### 99% invisible Amazing 10/10 would reccomend best podcast every year forever ### Smart Passive Income Really good podcast with a good introduction to making passive income! ### The daily Amazing show for my daily run! ### Prime ministers questions It's important to care about your country # books ## How to win friends and influence people I haven't finished this yet! I'm about 3 chapters from finishing. This is my 4th re-read of this book. By far, this book has had the most influence on my life. As someone with autism i hate all the non-rules of a normal human life. This book gives me clear rules on how to be sociable, its AMAZING!! ## Fluent Python Python is such an amazing language! I've been a Python coder for 10 !!!! years this year!!! wowwww!!! This book is taking me from mediocre to advance python user. I love seeing all the quirks and cool things you can do in Python. Like uh hello Tuple Unpacking?? How is this feature real??? ## I will teach you to be rich A really good book. It's written in American, so skip all the 401k stuff. I think the only useful things to UK people are the budgetting, investing & maybe credit cards? Everything else is pretty useless. Thanks to this book, I moved my entire investments over to Vanguard Life stratergy 80. ## Tim Hale's Smarter Investing Really really good book on investing in the UK!!! If you want to learn to invest, this is the book you need!!! I loved how the author has actually been there and done it, not just some academic too! ## The art of happiness Not finished yet, but I'm looking at increasing my happiness. I suffer from depression, and I've always liked buddism. I'm currently on chapter 3, so should be a good read!! ## Mediations - aurcilus Antonin Not finished yet, but so far it seems really good :) ## Thinking fast and slow Not finished yet, not currently enjoying this book. Might give it up since it's so big and boring (so far) ## How to write your first book This book answered SO MUCH of my questions!! I can't wait to publish my first book!! # Finances ## Passive income ### Medium.com £5.70. It pays for my medium subscription, so it's good!! ### Investments -£0.30p Investing is about the long term, so I'm okay with this!! ### Donations £5 from a stranger!!! So thankful oh my god thank you sooo much!! ### Income £332 this month, not bad :) ### Expenditure £389. This is quite a lot, however, I took my dad out to a fancy restaurent for fathers day, and brought a load of amazon stuff. I'm hoping to get this under £250 next month ### Investing £83 invested in LS 80, £103 invested into crypto. I'm looking at other options like P2P lending too. ### Networth £185.32 in investments, £759 in bank accounts. As it stands, 11% of my networth is in crypto and 8% in LS 80. 80% in cash! Goal by the end of the year: get 40% of my networth in investments! Diversify more too. I'm looking at P2P lending currently! I have around £200 set aside for my book, £200 set aside for a holiday and £300 waiting to be invested next month. goals for next month: * look at peer to peer lending * look at bonds # Fitness ## Running I've run every single week. The week I went to Download I didn't run, so that sucks but yano I just finished week 5 of Couch to 5k!! ## Average run length maybe 2k? ## Sleeping My average sleep is around about 7 - 8 hours, suepr healthy!! # 10 year plan * Get an emergency fund (at least £600) * Have at least 40 - 50% of my networth in investments * Get 100,000 monthly readers on my blog * go into a job you love * get a first in university to get an amazing job * always help people on the way, help whenever you can * earn at least £60k per year I will have £100,000 by January the 1st of 2025. I will trade in response to this the most brilliant and well written articles about computer science. My writing will blow up and I will regularly have 100k readers per month by January the 1st of 2025. I will make sure that everyone