Tom’s Actions

Hannah “LED lights that shine up into trees are £30 a light and we want 3. They are outdoor lights. These lights are powered by battery but the rest of the big outdoor fairy lights are… We’ve looked into strobe lights but health and saftey..”

Tom: “Shay brings his own lights which might be good. I’ll ask Ellen about the strobes.”

Tom: “How much did you need for the formal?”

Hannah: “£500. £60 on Balloons, £280 on casino from Guild company and £160 from guild to spend on the photographer so we need another £150 please from the HSC.”

Tom: “What about wine, £220?”

Hannah: “Yeah that too since wine wasn’t included.”

Tom: “I’ve emailed Ellen about a ball pit and she says she needs more information”

Charlie: “We’re allowed food vans to show up but we need food hygine licenses”

Tom: “Plan is to have a hog roast with free food for students. Dining hall is open. Ice cream van with 1 free ice cream per student. Suggestion now is to also bring in normal food take away vans for the evening and later on but not too late. We start the event at around 3pm and it closes at 11pm. Change over time at 7pm into night time activities. From 8pm not 9pm food vans.”

Tom: “Popcorn machine will be good as well. You can’t not have popcorn.”

Hollie: “How much do you normally have?”

Charlie: “We had zorbs, total wipeout, sumo wrestlers, surfing board and rodeo and the also where you had to like two lanes and run and you see who could put the velcro thing the furthest. Bungee run. Gladiator fighting”

“I think it’s really good it’s a bit later as students tend to go out after their last exams.”

Tom: “If you don’t send me an email I’ll do it for you”

Hannah: “Facepainting seems cool. Hollie enquries if it works before. HSC agrees it will likely work. It is from Sunshine events.”

Charlie “Set up a doodle poll for all the rides and the HSC will vote on it”

Tom: “I’ll emaill everyone before Thursday it’s sent off so you can see if you agree with the general idea.”

Hannah: “Nothing about pool table.”

Hannah: “New person started in job, so might be okay now”.

Carnatic is no longer going to exist. Entire HSC erutps into applause and celebrates the death of this asbestos ridden hell.

Pool table will go to Greenbank, probably.

Someone needs to keep an eye on the lights or padlock it or something to stop people from stealing them. Attach a bikelock to the tree and then put them into a light ???????? Chain and padlock would work.