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Hi, I'm Brandon

I'm a journalist at Hackernoon and PoliticsMeansPolitics, a computer science student at University of Liverpool. Founder & President of HackLiverpool. In my spare time I am the Vice President the Bee Keeping Society.

I'm a programmer 👨‍💻

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First Aid Chatbot

😷Created to decrease the amount of patients who go to the doctors or A&E using Natural Language Processing


Made wth: Heroku,, Facebook API, Requests, BeautifulSoup

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🏆Winner of HackSheffield 3.0. Created to attempt to provide free holidays at the risk of bankruptcy.


Made with: Python, AWS, Skyscanner API, SkyBets, Requests, BeautifulSoup

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Bank of Alexa

🏆Winner of Hacknotts 2016. Built to be a personal bank teller for Amazon Echo using Capital One


Made with: Capital One Nessie, Python, AWS, Alexa API

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Flash Texts

💖Flashcards via text messages


Made wth: Java, Python, Requests, SQL

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💣Bomberman for 256 players.


Made with: HTML 5, CSS3, Node.js

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Musk Bot

🚀Elon Musk Twitter Bot with Markov Chains


Made with: love, Python, Twitter API

I'm a leader🕴

President & Founder of Liverpool HackSoc

Vice President of the Bee Keeping Society

Faculty & Course Representative

Health & Welfare Officer for Halls Student Committee

Higher Education Vice President of the East Kent Group

I'm a writer
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