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In lecture examples and problems Writing clear notes after a lecture Meeting up with a group to study / solve problem sets (tutorials) Understanding the bigger picture, why something is useful Whenever a tutorial has a question in it you found hard, add it to a word document or write it down on a bit of paper. This will be your “Questions I found hard sheet”. Make flashcards, use Leitner system. Short, sweet, simple. Doesn’t matter if they’re digital or not. Students who used digital flashcards have been shown to retain information longer although this is because the paper flashcards didn’t use a system like Leitner system which all digital flashcards use by default. Write cheatsheets for all the major topics you have covered make sure you understand what is in the test and what isn’t Solve your “questions i found hard” closer to the test alongside any class tests you have This is a STEM subject. In a BA subject you are expected to memorise key dates and quotes. In a STEM subject you are expected to understand information and use it accordingly. Always ask questions in class. The more questions you ask in the class the less questions you’ll ask a week before the exam.

Hey guys! So foundations tomorrow. Worrying, right?

Here’s my take on Question 4 of class test 2 (thanks James Litchfield and Jahan Ulhaque for the help)

Also here’s some blog posts on what you need to learn for tomorrow (I’m updating them rn)

Functions https://medium.com/brandons-computer-science-notes/a-primer-on-functions-9a51c1e9de80

Set Theory https://medium.com/brandons-computer-science-notes/a-primer-on-set-theory-746cd0b13d13

Probability https://medium.com/brandons-computer-science-notes/an-introdcution-to-probability-45a64aee7606

Logic https://medium.com/brandons-computer-science-notes/mathematical-logic-f53f9c60d8d9

Relations https://medium.com/brandons-computer-science-notes/mathematical-relations-5416f027dbbe

Binary https://medium.com/brandons-computer-science-notes/everything-you-need-to-know-about-binary-acdc8fbd875c

Binomial Expansion (Note: calculators are allowed in an exam. If you want to find coefficient x^6 in (1+x)^8 you can do “6 (shift-divide button) 8) https://medium.com/brandons-computer-science-notes/this-simple-trick-will-save-you-hours-of-expanding-binomials-b438ef0e6da4

Combinatorics https://medium.com/brandons-computer-science-notes/an-introduction-to-combinatronics-b8b75a48cc80

De Morgan’s Laws and other propositional stuff https://brandonskerritt.github.io/maths/Demorgans-laws/

What I recommend you do: First 2 tutorials (because proofs aren’t covered in class tests) and the 2 class tests.

As always, I’ll be hanging around all day if any of you need any help :) <3